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7 Classic Outdoor Games For Children

There were so many classic games which we play in our childhood days but now children are more fond of playing online games on PCs, mobiles and other gadgets, such things affect their physical health. We are sharing this list of outdoor games for all parents that help them to engage their children in some physical and fun activity. Hide and Seek In this game one person is “it” and he has to turn toward the wall and count certain numbers and other players must have to hide within this period. After counting, the person starts finding others. Kick the can In this game one person is "it" and the can is placed in the middle of the ground. The other players went to hide while the "it" covers their eyes and counts a certain number. "It" then tries to find everyone. If a person is caught by "it", they go into jail for captured players. If any un-captured players somehow kick the can, the captured players are released. This game continues until all the

7 Basic Manners For Every Child To Learn

  Manners show how a kid is brought up by their guardians and the environment he belongs. It is the primary responsibility of all parents to teach better etiquette and manners to their children. Apart from the parents, anyone who interacts with any kid must try to showcase their good manners, so that the kid can learn by seeing them. Here is the list of 7 basic manners that each and every child must learn. Table manners This is the most noticeable manner, parents must focus on the basic table manners of their children and try to connect them. Things like washing hands before and after eating, eating properly without making any sound, don’t playing with food, and handling fork or spoon properly are good to teach in beginning. Knock the door before entering It is a basic but most important habit to learn for any kid. Parents must try to teach them the value of others’ privacy. Knocking the door and asking permission for entering in another’s room is good to learn. Asking permissions Chil