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Must-Try Things When Your Kid Starts Reading

A young kid usually at the age of 4 to 5 starts reading. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to read and connect with the words. Of-course the school and teacher do their best efforts. But at home, you also need to put all your efforts for the best outcome. Sometimes we make mistake,  not understanding the IQ level of our kids. So the simple books from the school must be best designed best for your kids. Let your kids read and understand first. Here a few very simple ideas about how to help your kid in improving reading skill.  1. Read together every day If you read along with your child regularly, it will help your child to improve diction and pronunciation of the words very quickly. Some books are really hard to read. The child needs companionship. You can be the partner, a competitor and teacher at the same time. 2. Allow some reading alone time Try to read alone quietly. Let your child also read this way. It will save energy. The child will concentrate on reading and will unde