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Fascinating Facts About USA Flag

 1.  The original flag, designed in 1777, featured 13 stars and 13 stripes representing the 13 American colonies. Each time a state was admitted to the union, a star was added to the flag, which now has 15 stars and 13 stripes. 2. In 1958, 17-year-old Robert G. Heft of Lancaster, Ohio designed the current US flag. 3. Our flag colors carry meanings, red represents valor and bravery; white represents purity and innocence; and blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. 4. The United States planted the first flag on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, and five more have been planted since then during subsequent missions. 5. Flag Day is observed on June 14th in the United States. because the American flag was officially adopted as America's national symbol on that date in 1777 by the Second Continental Congress. 6. There is a common misconception that once a flag touches the ground, it must be burned or disposed of. That is not entirely correct. If a flag becomes s

National Symbols Of The USA

Every nation has symbols—specific objects that represent beliefs, values, traditions, or other intangible ideas that make that country unique. While these symbols may change over time, they can help to bind a nation together by reminding its people of their nation's history and most important principles.  1. National Flag - American Flag or US Flag flag, consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the "union") bearing fifty small stars. 2. National Seal - Great Seal of the US The Great Seal is a principal national symbol of the United States. 3. National Bird - Bald Eagle The bald eagle is a bird of prey found in North America. 4. National Animal - North American Bison The American bison (Bison bison) is a species of bison native to North America 5. National Anthem - The Star-Spangled Banner A national anthem is a patriotic musical composition symbolizing