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New York Facts For Kids

  1. New York is bordered by Canada and Lake Ontario in the north; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south; Lake Erie in the west; and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the east. 2. New York is known for supplying construction materials such as limestone, salt, sand, and gravel. 3. New York is the only state that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. 4. New York City was the capital of the United States from 1785 to 1790. 5. The New York City Subway is one of the largest subway systems in the world. It has 722 miles of track. 6. The World Trade Center is the tallest building in the U.S. 7. New York is a northeastern state with the 4th largest population in the United States.  8. It has some of the country's most popular tourist destinations, including the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls.  9. New York City, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Yonkers are key cities of the state. 10. New York City is the largest city in the United S

King Cobra Facts For Kids

  1. The King cobra is the longest poisonous snake in the world. 2. King cobras mostly eat other snakes, lizards, and small mammals. 3. King cobra lives in Southeast Asia. 4. King cobras generally grow to around 13 feet in length. 5. The King Cobra is the only snake in the world that builds a nest to lay its eggs. 6. Snake charmers in India regularly engage king cobras. The cobra is entranced by the shape and movement of the flute. 7. They have a lifespan of around 20 years. 8. It raises its head and flicks its tongue for searching food. 9. A king cobra has olive green, brown, black, or yellow skin. 10. The main predator of the king cobra is the mongoose. Children's Park, a preschool is an exceptional childcare and education centre offering a truly premium early learning experience at Rockwall. Enable Ginger Cannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection or reload the browser Disable in this text field Edit Edit in Ginger Edit in Ginger × Enable Ginger Cannot connect to