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Facts About Children’s Brain Development

 A Brain is the most powerful organ in our body. It controls all our body movements by giving instructions to other organs. There are so many amazing facts about the human brain and here we are going to share 10 amazing facts with you. 1. The human brain is about 75% water. 2. A brain is only 2% of our body weight and weighs approximately 350 to 400 grams or three-quarters of a pound. 3. Children's brains develop faster between born to 3 years time which is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span. 4. Babies whose parents frequently talk to them know 300 more words by age 2 than babies whose parents rarely speak to them. 5. The accuracy of learning is enhanced with the help of social interactions. 6. Compared to other mammals of similar body sizes, the human brain is over three times large. 7. If babies’ bodies grew at the same rapid pace as their brains, they would weigh 170 pounds by one month of age. 8. If babies’ bodies grew at the same rapid pace

Importance Of Playing For Children’s Development

  Children’s Playing looks simple but it plays a vital role in a child’s overall development. It is the most effective way to keep children happy and active. Children learn various life skills (like listening, concentration, strong reflexes, etc)  while playing multiple types of games. Here we are going to share points about “Why playing is important for children’s development” Better Imagination and enhance creativity. Playing helps in thinking freely, children make their own rules and follow them greatly. Children can easily find solutions about how to make a game more entertaining with the help of their imagination and creativity. Boost brain development Playing helps in brain development as children play different games and learn their names and rules in a fun manner. Doing activities like when to run, where to hide, etc. helps in better brain development. Improves physical fitness It is one of the most common benefits, almost everyone knows. Playing includes various activities (li