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Israel Facts For Kids

1. This ancient country in the Middle East is bordered by four countries Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt.

2. Israel became an independent country in 1948 from British control.

3. Israel is the only Jewish state on Earth. Israel became a Jewish state in 1946.

4. The northern portion of Israel is snowy and mountainous, while the south is a desert.

5. Israeli Shekel is the currency here. 

6. The official languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic.

7. Israel has a technologically advanced free market economy. 

8. Capital and largest city of Israel is Jerusalem.

9. The country's total land area is 20,770 sq km (8,019 sq miles)

10. A native or resident of Israel is called an Israeli.

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The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a spontaneous process that transfers water from one place to another around the globe. 
How Does Water Move From Land To Sky?
Water bodies present in lakes, dams, and rivers vaporize from the hotness of the earth. It is the sun's heat that dries up water in the form of vapors, The vapors in the atmosphere condense together to form clouds. The clouds move in the sky with the flow of air. When it is full of water, precipitates in the form of rain, snow, or hail. In this way, water comes back to the earth and completes the water cycle.  
Different Ways To Vaporization: Evaporation - Evaporation happens just on the water's surface. The Sun plays a key role in the evaporation process. The heat generated from the sun produces most of the vapors in the atmosphere. Evaporation is the main natural process of forming almost 90% of vapors in the atmosphere.
Sublimation -  Water can directly reach to the atmosphere from ice in extremely cold conditions, provided the sun shines…

Explanation of Photosynthesis

Can you imagine sunlight can be the food for living beings? It may seem weird but it is true. Plants are living beings they get food from the sun. 
The process to get energy from sunlight is called Photosynthesis. The term is composed of two separate words. 
Photo + Synthesis 
"Photo" stands for light
"Synthesis" stands for the combination of more than one thing.

Sunlight, water, soil, and carbon dioxide gas are the bare necessity of plants to survive. We rely heavily upon plants to survive. Not only we get food from plants but also the oxygen for breathing. As plants take carbon dioxide which is harmful to us and release oxygen which is essential for us to survive.   

What makes plants absorb sunlight? 
All plants have chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the compound that is responsible for absorbing the light. It is a pigment which absorbs blue and red color from sunlight and emits green color. That is why plants look green. 

Explanation of Photosynthesis
Chlorophyll is found in …

Ostrich The Largest Bird

At the point when you consider winged animals, you likely think about the little, beguiling flying creatures twittering in your lawn. The ostrich, however, is much bigger beyond your imagination. Here you are going to find some interesting facts about the bird.

1. Ostriches are the biggest winged animals. They can be 9 feet tall and weigh around 160 kg.
2. Ostriches mostly rely on plants for their food. In any case, they will likewise eat creepy crawlies, reptiles, and other little animals, as well.
3. Ostriches are the native of Africa. But today they are being domesticated in many parts of the world for its meat.
4. The ostrich runs efficiently fast because of its very strong legs. It can run at a speed of 60 Km per hour.
5. Ostriches can utilize their solid legs to kick in self-defense. It can without much of a stretch kick sufficiently hard to murder a powerful creature like a lion. But it seldom happens.
6. Despite having wings ostriches can not fly. Their wings help in maintaining the…

10 Interesting Facts About Asia

1. Landmass Asia is the world's biggest and most crowded mainland that houses more than 4 billion individuals. 
2. Asia has the biggest and most crowded countries China and India in the world. 
3. Africa and Europe are neighbor continents of Asia.
4. Asian countries China, Japan, Russia, and India are the top 10 greatest economies in the world. 
5. Asia is the home for approximately 60% of the world's population.
6. There are 48 countries in Asia. Asian countries Russia and Turkey have their presence in Europe as well.
7. Asia is a very big continent. It is about 30% of the total world's land. 
8. Asia is divided into 6 different sub-regions.1. Northern Asia 2. Central Asia 3. Middle East 4. Southern Asia 5. Eastern Asia 6.Southeastern Asia 
9.  Japan's Tokyo, China's Shanghai, and India's Delhi are the three largest cities in Asia by population. 
10.  Mount Everest in the Himalayan range is the world's most elevated mountainous point. The highest peak is 8,849metre…

Abraham Lincoln Biography For Kids

Abraham lincoln is one of the renowned presidents of the United States. He will always be remembered for terminating the American Civil War. He was the one who intensified his voice against slavery in the united state and brought the required amendment to the constitution against the social evil of slavery.

In this article, we have pointed out quite-a-few facts of 16th President of the United States for you.

1. He is known as Honest Abe and The Great Emancipator given the personality and the remarkable contribution of the wellness of the nation respectively.

2. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 in the year 1809. Kentucky in the United States is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

3. His father was a farmer. He lost his mother when he was barely 9 years old. His father brought a stepmother after his mother died. He bonded well with his stepmother.

4. The young Abraham Lincoln has no interest in farming. He moved to Indiana along with his family. He could not continue his schoolin…

How Does Early Childhood Education Work?

Life is all about learning. Learning is the never-ending process. It is better if your child gets to learn as early as possible. It is found that the children whose mother and father both are working learn things very fast. Probably because they send their child to preschools or daycares. Preschools are equipped with modern facilities. The trainers and educators are skillful and qualified respectively.
Preschools are not only helping children and their parents but also helping their communities and societies.  
Preschool kids get on well with companions, get amiable treatment from their kins and instructors, and don't get pressurized for learning.

Some of the blessings of early childhood schooling:

Improved social abilities: 
Children discover ways to develop bonds with other kids and adults as well. The sooner we send our children to schools, the result would be better, as it assists the young kids with defeating timidity and build confidence. On the off chance that we procrastinate t…