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How to Bridge The Generation Gap Between Parents and Child

The generation gap between parents and children starts creeping up when the children convert into the teens. How you ever retrospect, when did your father comment the first time on your hairstyle or eating preferences? You may find it odd. The next few days you find that the parents do the same. You suddenly realize that they cannot understand your preferences and the way you do certain things. If you are struggling hard to understand, why do your children have a different opinion? How to sort out things that shoot up the differences? This post is for you. Tips to Fill The Generation Gap Between Parent and Child 1. Interact and Participate More The more you, interact with them, the more you can read your children’s minds. Take time to think do you watch television together or hang out together on weekends. If the answer is yes, you are well on your way. Apart from being a parent, what else you can be in your children’s life. 2. Don’t Expect Children To Behave The Same You do Your child
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7 Sign Of Bad Parenting And How To Change It?

Parenting children give you immense pleasure. Everybody wants the best education and upbringing of their children. Parenting is never an easy task. It takes a lot of effort. It is difficult to be a good parent consistently. Parents can use their parenting style which may or may not be a good idea. Parents need to figure out the right parenting style. Here we are pointing out some bad parenting styles that parents should be aware of. We are providing some inputs on how to change bad parenting styles. 1. Over Caring or Under Caring Children love to get attention, children want their parents to be supportive. But over or very little indulgences do not go down well with the children. If you are hyper or hypo sensitivity about your child, the child would conceal his/her personal life. 2. Rigid Punishment Rigid punishment can make your child rebellious, antisocial and can spoil your relationship with your children. Instead of punishing your child, you can make him understand his folly and fo

How Do Caregivers Influence The Development Of A Child

Every parent wants to give full attention to the children. Since parents have multiple things to do, it is impossible to be there all the time around them. They hire a professional caregiver for the children's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Of course, we cannot compare parents to caregivers. The caregivers do more or less the same duties as parents intend to do. How do caregivers influence the development of a child? 1. Knowledge and Awareness Caregivers collect information from various sources that include parents and teachers. They get accurate information from their studies on how children behave and expect during a particular age and plan for children's healthy development. 2. Listening and Responding Caregivers can develop solid communication with children. Listening and responding keep them engaged, and that makes children feel valued. 3. Creating Stable Routines A healthy, balanced diet and good sleep are important for a child's physical and

A Guide For Parents On Raising An Adolescent Daughter

It is hard to parent a teenage daughter. The Teen years are tender age for girls.  At this point, parents look for recommendations on how to deal with their daughter. Since the daughter has her point of view. The parent-daughter dynamics begin to change. The daughter may become hostile towards her parents when she starts dating someone. In her opinion, she is right. She finds their parents are interfering with her personal life. Guidelines for parents on raising adolescent daughters:  1. Mood Swings in Early Adolescence. Remind yourself that it's usual and temporary. 2. If she chooses a skimpy costume in an event. Maybe, she is comfortable with it. Remember that dressing sexy is not always bad. 3. Talking about sex is awkward, but you have to educate them about the disconnect of sex because you are mature and your daughter is stepping in towards maturity. 4. Teenage girls spend a lot of time on social media. They are conscious of their online images. The parents must engage their d

Knowing Yourself As A Parents

We start our parenting journey with a lot of joy, hopes, parenting ideas, and expectations. But there are some weak moments where we find ourselves awful in responding to our children that we don't like, having no idea understanding why it happens because parenting is no easy task. Here, we need to ponder yourself as a parent. You will understand your child immediately once you understand yourself. We are providing you some tips that will help you understand parenting. 1. Emotions Emotions can take over and get the best of parents at times. Understanding where these feelings are coming from allows us to change how we respond to our children. 2. Awareness Awareness of yourself and your child. Children challenge us to remain flexible and in control of our feelings and behavior. We can lose our ability to respond flexibly if we are stressed, tired, angry, or frustrated. 3. Emotional Intelligence Our emotions play an important role in determining who we are, how we behave, and how w

Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

In a school classroom, it is observed that children are often categorized into different groups based on learning capabilities. Some students learn very fast, while some learn after a little push. Therefore, in schools, teachers use different teaching techniques. Children may face a hard time with some lessons or skills. It is quite natural. The preschool teachers better know to help such students in learning. After applying all the techniques, children still struggle to learn things. This can be a sign of a learning disorder. Things You Can Do to Help Children with Learning Disabilities: 1. Accept The Reality Accept the fact children are born with different levels of capabilities of learning and understanding. 2. Find Out What Motivates Your Children Your child may take extra time to learn one thing and learn another thing. It happens because of high and low levels of learning interest. Lack of interest in doing an activity can be the reason for not learning the way other children do.

Qualities To Ensure That You Don't Raise Spoiled Children

Mother and father expect their children to be very understanding. On the contrary, if you find that your child is not listening to anybody. They think that everything they want should be presented to them immediately. You try to make your child understand that everything they want they have to earn it with hard and fair means but they are still adamant about it. If, it is true with your kids and you try to seek help. Here we are providing you some tips on how to stop spoiling your kids. Although, it won’t be an easy transition for your kid. 1. Hard Work Your children must know whatever they are getting is a result of their parent's hard work, they have not earned it. They should work hard and focus on their studies to achieve everything they want. 2. Thankfulness The life your children are living may be a dream life for many poverty-stricken children. Your children must realize that whatever they are getting is because God has bestowed upon them. So they must be thankful to live be