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7 Basic Manners For Every Child To Learn


Manners show how a kid is brought up by their guardians and the environment he belongs. It is the primary responsibility of all parents to teach better etiquette and manners to their children. Apart from the parents, anyone who interacts with any kid must try to showcase their good manners, so that the kid can learn by seeing them.

Here is the list of 7 basic manners that each and every child must learn.

  1. Table manners

This is the most noticeable manner, parents must focus on the basic table manners of their children and try to connect them. Things like washing hands before and after eating, eating properly without making any sound, don’t playing with food, and handling fork or spoon properly are good to teach in beginning.

  1. Knock the door before entering

It is a basic but most important habit to learn for any kid. Parents must try to teach them the value of others’ privacy. Knocking the door and asking permission for entering in another’s room is good to learn.

  1. Asking permissions

Children must learn to take their parent’s permission before doing something like playing, eating, and using anything. Such manners help kids to value things that are not theirs.

  1. Treating elders

Parents must teach their children how to address their elders. Things like using Mr. or Mrs. instead of calling them by their first name, listening to them, greet to them, etc. are good to start.

  1. Mobile phone etiquette

Nowadays, children are very used to mobile phones and it's not good. Parents must try to monitor and teach them things like limited use, speaking gently on phone, handling mobiles with care, etc. in starting.

  1. Using good words 

Using good and nice words while talking with someone always makes communication beautiful. Parents must try to teach good words to their children and also avoid using bad and abusive words in front of them.

  1. Smiling and good attitude

Kids with smiling faces and good attitudes are the choice of everyone. Parents must teach their children how to be happy and handle things positively.

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