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15 Cool Things For Kids To Read

Reading helps in promoting fluency and comprehension. Encourage your kids to read the back of a cereal box or any word or direction given for a new game. It will enhance their fluency. It is rightly said by Jamie Steiner, “The more you read, the more you want to read.” Remember that, home is a place where your kids can read without any limits. At home choice is vast. Here are 15 cool things for kids to read: 1. Let kids read the signs. It can be road signs, street signs, license plates, directional arrows etc. It is an advantage for all those kids who are visual learners, that is, they learn what they see. 2. Let kids read Comics. It can be newspaper strips, classic Comic books or graphic novels. It is an exceptionally effective way for kids who don’t want to read novels. 3. Make them read lists. Lists such as groceries, school supplies or any other to-do lists. Kids can help you in reading out the items in a list and cross off items and chores when completed. It helps those kids wh