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7 Tips on Encouraging Good Behavior in Children

Young age is crucial in guiding them socially accepted good behavior. Teachers at a childcare community and parents can collaborate on teaching manners. A positive and empowering approach is the best method to direct a youngster on a good path regardless of age. Here, we are giving you tips on how you can promote good behavior at an early age. 1. Express how you feel Tell them honestly, how do you feel when they screen or fight. Spread awareness, how it feels when someone bothers you intentionally or unintentionally. Bad behavior can create a lot of disturbance in lives. 2. Step into their shoes You can not understand people until you step into their shoes. It applies to children as well. Get down to their level and figure out why do they behave in a particular way. 3. Never make false promises Your child does not trust you if you make tall claims and false promises. Commitment can bring trust and respect. The respect will reflect in your children's behavior. 4. Discuss challengin

7 Skills Every Kid Should Have By The Time They’re 12

Kids start learning right away from the time of birth. They learn quite a few things from their own. Rest of the things they learn from adults. Kids do not know what skills they should learn. They don’t even know what is good or bad for them. Parents and teachers know what skills kids should develop for the future. Here, we have shortlisted seven important skills that every child should learn before they become a teenager. 1. Good manners When a child speaks politeness should reflect in his/ her behavior, make sure they use polite words such as thank you may I know…, sorry to interrupt you. etc. They should also exhibit good table manners while eating. 2. They can carry on a conversation. Children should encourage speaking logically. A logical thinker can pull off a conversation to a great extent. You can provide general knowledge stuffs to them. They should be allowed to read age-appropriate books apart from their academic books. 3. Swimming Swimming is a good exercise for adults and