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Things to Consider When Grandparents Provide Child Care

  Children get immense love from their grandparents. What if grandparents become their caretakers? Children will be lucky to have such caregivers. Nobody can care for your children more than parents and grandparents. It may sound interesting to appoint your mother-father to childcare duty. But, it is never easy to do so.  Discuss Payment  Discuss what monetary reward they will get in return. Although, it is never easy to discuss such things with your parents because money matter is nothing compared to their unconditional love.   Empathize With the Challenges  Your parents might have many challenges. Health can be one of them. To top it all, they have to care for them like a professional caretaker. You can make them comfortable by empathizing with them.    Give Them Authority  Give them all authorities you would give to a professional caretaker. There is no harm if you sign the contract, but be a little bit lenient with them.    Provide Direction  You can provide knowledge of how careta

How can we reduce academic pressure on children?

  Academic pressure not only affects the happiness of children, but also jeopardizes their health. Compare your childhood with today’s kids. You will realize how happy you were then. There was no such pain in life. The academic pressure can be reduced by applying the following tricks. 1. Give Enough Time To Sleep Children need 9 hours of sleep every 24 hours. They can cut down the time for other activities that are of less or no importance. Sound sleep can keep them healthy. 2. Care Healthy Eating There are a lot of things available to eat most of them or processed or packed food items. These items are not a healthy choice as far as children’s health is concerned. 3. Offer Help Many times children need your help. Make sure you are available for them when they need you at home. You can help them with their homework. 4. Give Alone Time To Evaluate Children need some time alone for their self-assessment. Give your children some space at home. 5. Do Not Emphasize Grades Grades are not the