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7 Classic Outdoor Games For Children

There were so many classic games which we play in our childhood days but now children are more

fond of playing online games on PCs, mobiles and other gadgets, such things affect their physical

health. We are sharing this list of outdoor games for all parents that help them to engage their children

in some physical and fun activity.

Hide and Seek

In this game one person is “it” and he has to turn toward the wall and count certain numbers and other players must have to hide within this period. After counting, the person starts finding others.

Kick the can

In this game one person is "it" and the can is placed in the middle of the ground. The other players went to hide while the "it" covers their eyes and counts a certain number. "It" then tries to find everyone. If a person is caught by "it", they go into jail for captured players. If any un-captured players somehow kick the can, the captured players are released. This game continues until all the players are caught except “It”.


There are various ways to play marbles like even&odd, 2 players are needed in this game, player1 holds some marble in hand, and the other guesses whether the count is even or odd. If player2 corrects he wins the held marbles otherwise he has to give the same number of marbles to player1the game continues till one player is left with no marbles.

Simon says

In this game one person is Simon and he starts the game by saying “Simon says” [an action] like “Simon says wave your hands”. Everybody has to do the same. However, if Simon makes an action without saying “Simon says”, the person who does the action is out. This game continues till one person left and he/she is the winner.

Red light Greenlight

In this game, one person is at the traffic light at one end and the players are at the other end. When the traffic light faces the group he says red light and everyone must freeze then the traffic light turns around and says green light everyone trying to get closer to the traffic light then suddenly traffic light moves around saying red light if anybody still moving then he/she will be out. The game continues till one person(winner) touches the traffic light and became a new traffic light to start the game again. 


A group of children chooses one kid to initially tag other kids then the remaining kids start running freely, and the selected kid starts chasing others to tag one of them. The newly tagged kid will do the same and the game continues like this.

Freeze & dance

In this game one person controls(start and stop) the music and all other dance. When the music stops everybody has to freeze in their position, If anyone is caught moving then that is out. The game continues till a single person is left, the winner.

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