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World War I facts For Kids

Dear kids, you might have heard of world war 1 and world war 2. Here I am going to tell you about world war I. It may seem like a very old story. Yes, world war 1 happened over 100 years. But the aftermaths of the war were so terrible that it will always remain in the world's history books. You can ask your parents or grandparents or great-great-grandparents about world war. They may have or may not have suffered from the war. In spite of this, they could tell you the agony of world wars' survival. World War I World War I, was a huge, fierce clash battled somewhere in the range of 1914 and 1918. Different names for World War I are- the First World War, WWI, the War to End All Wars, and the Great War. For what reason did it start? So many history books have been composed of World War 1. These books have pointed out the common reason behind the war that Europe had parted into two enormous groups of nations. The Allies — the British Empire, France, Belgium, Russia and later,

Who contributes more to the upbringing of the child?

The mother's job of upbringing seems to be more productive than the father. However, the father’s importance can never be underestimated. It is true both mother and father are important for children, but the role of a mother in most of the places is slightly above compared to that of a father. In a family, parents are significant because the two of them carry various things to the family and both have their various tasks to carry out. Role of a Mother When a baby is very young, especially the newborn baby. The Baby needs the mother most. Nothing can be replaced with the divine motherhood. The mother's care and the bottomless feeling of love are unmatched. Mother will always remain, mother, irrespective of how educated she is. A mother can raise her children well in all the adverse circumstances. On the whole, an educated lady can raise her children very well compared to those who are academically illiterate or less educated. Children are very much attached