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Points To Make Parenting Easier


  1. Self-awareness

Take some time and think about yourself and try to find what you exactly want from your child.

  1. Know your child

Every child is different, just spend some time with your kid and try to know your child.

  1. Clear values and expectations

Make the rewards and consequences clear for your kid, they will slowly understand the outcome of their activities and will improve it automatically.

  1. Reject the act, not the child.

Children are innocent, they hardly understand the outcome of any activity in long run. If any child continuously acts wrong then you should reject the act and not the child, you have to make them correct with love, care and strictness(if required).

  1. Make a parenting plan:

A well-planned life is far better than a free life, give yourself some time for yourself and make prepare a parenting plan (like how to spend time with your child, where to go out and when, etc.) and implement it in just 3 months, you will definitely see the difference.

  1. Make structure and routine for children

Also, make a timetable for your child and make your child familiar with that, focusing especially on the time of sleeping, eating, etc. also leave them free sometimes to play with kids. Don’t try to make it rigid maintain your calmness throughout the process.

  1. How do other parents get it right

Don’t try to compare yourself with other parents, each case is different everyone has their own parenting challenges, you just have to understand your problems and challenges and plan accordingly.

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