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Things to Consider When Grandparents Provide Child Care


Children get immense love from their grandparents. What if grandparents become their caretakers?

Children will be lucky to have such caregivers. Nobody can care for your children more than parents and

grandparents. It may sound interesting to appoint your mother-father to childcare duty.

But, it is never easy to do so. 

Discuss Payment 

Discuss what monetary reward they will get in return. Although, it is never easy to discuss such things with your parents because money matter is nothing compared to their unconditional love.


Empathize With the Challenges 

Your parents might have many challenges. Health can be one of them. To top it all, they have to care for them like a professional caretaker. You can make them comfortable by empathizing with them. 


Give Them Authority 

Give them all authorities you would give to a professional caretaker. There is no harm if you sign the contract, but be a little bit lenient with them. 


Provide Direction 

You can provide knowledge of how caretakers deal with children during urgent needs. Provide them guidance and what do you expect from your parents.


Be clear about what they can and can’t do 

Your parents may have some restrictions and some advantages. Make some proper arrangements for what they cannot do efficiently. 


Plan for sickness

What if, your parents want sick leave or they want some holiday. Prepare a sickness plan and what can be alternative solutions if your parent goes out of the city.


Clear work commitments 

You cannot take childcare for granted. The same applies to your children’s grandparents. It is recommended that you ask for work commitment politely. 

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