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Is a Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Child?

When you look back, what days were most beautiful in our life? You most probably to figure it out as the days when you were a school-going kid. It was a time when you do a lot of things while having fun. In the modern educational system, schools are not just offering education also helping children creating independent and mature citizens.

There are many things to do in children's life. Parents can not do all the things alone because they are busy with their work. Divorce cases are soaring up like never before.

Parents find it easier to send their children to boarding schools because they believe the sooner the child becomes independent, the sooner the child becomes mature and stable in life. If you are planning to send your child to boarding school, this blog is for you. Here, you are going to find the pros and cons of boarding schools.

Advantages of Sending Your Kid to a Boarding School

1. Self-dependence

Children from boarding schools start taking care of themselves. They take initiatives towards problem-solving. Children start realizing that they can solve trivial issues of life. They are not dependent on their parents for every small problem they have.

2. Self-assured

Kids from hostels are self-dependent on day-to-day miscellaneous activities. That makes them self-confident when they start learning a new thing. Kids filled with confidence can learn things fast.

3. Discipline

Children live a more disciplined life at boarding schools. Everything happens there, according to the clock. The mealtime, bedtime, wake time everything is pre-planned. They are prepared for the achievement of future goals.

4. Educational Pre-eminence

Children do not feel helpless when they need peers' help because all their classmates live under one roof. They always find someone who can help them out in a situation when they struggle with certain concepts or after-school homework.

Disadvantages of Sending Your Kid to a Boarding School

1. Homesickness

Boarding schools are not for every child. Some of the children may find it very difficult to adjust to the boarding school environment. Some children are very attached to the home. They refuse to learn anything because they miss home.

2. Bullying

Some innocent children may get bullied by notorious students. If your child so so innocent that can't stand for himself you should not send your children to a boarding school. Your child may get depressed or badly hurt.

3. You Will Miss Out Some Lovely Moments

Life is all about moments, not a milestone. You will miss your children multiple times a day. It is very difficult for you and your kid to live without each other. You will get to see the kid only a few times a year.

4. Special talents may not be supported

Despite the higher education level in general, the boarding schools does not encourage and support much special talent. While in other school children get time for their passions and continue to excel. 

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