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How to Bridge The Generation Gap Between Parents and Child

The generation gap between parents and children starts creeping up when the children convert into the teens. How you ever retrospect, when did your father comment the first time on your hairstyle or eating preferences? You may find it odd. The next few days you find that the parents do the same. You suddenly realize that they cannot understand your preferences and the way you do certain things.

If you are struggling hard to understand, why do your children have a different opinion? How to sort out things that shoot up the differences? This post is for you.

Tips to Fill The Generation Gap Between Parent and Child

1. Interact and Participate More
The more you, interact with them, the more you can read your children’s minds. Take time to think do you watch television together or hang out together on weekends. If the answer is yes, you are well on your way. Apart from being a parent, what else you can be in your children’s life.

2. Don’t Expect Children To Behave The Same You do
Your children can take after you. You expect them to behave either behave like you or your spouse. Try to give as much time as you can when they are young because the ethics and discipline you teach will remain with them forever. When they start growing up under the influence of other children they are likely to change their behavior. It is your ethics that restrict them to do the wrong things. So, if they behave differently, it can be a temporary change.

3. Learn To Adapt and Make Adjustment
After reaching a certain age people resist changes and fail to adjust. Thanks to your children, who encourage you to get along with time. Instead of refusing the change, you can welcome the new things that your child brings into your life.

4. Don’t Compare Your Young –Aged Days With Your Teens
When you were young, things were different. You cannot bring things back to before. Your teens have not seen that era. The comparisons will disappoint you and boarded the gap between you and your children.

5. Remind Them Your Unconditional Love
Despite so many differences, it is your unconditional love that keeps you connected with your children. Remind them you are always there when they seek to support. Never mind sharing your concern with them.

Everything around the world keeps on changing. It is not always your kids’ fault if they do things in a certain way. Parents need to realize that they keep them updated because things seldom stay unchanged.

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