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7 Sign Of Bad Parenting And How To Change It?

Parenting children give you immense pleasure. Everybody wants the best education and upbringing of their children. Parenting is never an easy task. It takes a lot of effort. It is difficult to be a good parent consistently. Parents can use their parenting style which may or may not be a good idea. Parents need to figure out the right parenting style. Here we are pointing out some bad parenting styles that parents should be aware of. We are providing some inputs on how to change bad parenting styles.

1. Over Caring or Under Caring

Children love to get attention, children want their parents to be supportive. But over or very little indulgences do not go down well with the children. If you are hyper or hypo sensitivity about your child, the child would conceal his/her personal life.

2. Rigid Punishment

Rigid punishment can make your child rebellious, antisocial and can spoil your relationship with your children. Instead of punishing your child, you can make him understand his folly and forgive or find some alternative ways like tidying up his room or one extra hour of study.

3. Lack of Control

Life is all having emotional balance you shouldn't be losing control as parenting takes a lot of patience. Working on anger management is required from the parents' end.

4. Pulling Out Affection

You cannot withdraw your affection for your kids. But you should keep telling your kid that you love him/her unconditionally. You will always be there when they need your support.

5. No Encouragement

Do be satisfied with your children's mediocre performance. Encourage your child to do better. Without encouragement, your child will stop learning things thoroughly.

6. Criticism In Front of Everyone

Criticism is good as long as you do it for the improvement of your child's performance. When you criticize your child with everyone child would feel ashamed of himself. Instead of improving, your child may perform badly next time.

7. Comparing With Other Children

The Comparison is bound to happen despite the fact you should not compare your children with others. Find what your child is passionate about and be supportive. Instead of comparing you can provide some improvement tips.

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