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Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

In a school classroom, it is observed that children are often categorized into different groups based on learning capabilities. Some students learn very fast, while some learn after a little push. Therefore, in schools, teachers use different teaching techniques. Children may face a hard time with some lessons or skills. It is quite natural. The preschool teachers better know to help such students in learning. After applying all the techniques, children still struggle to learn things. This can be a sign of a learning disorder.

Things You Can Do to Help Children with Learning Disabilities:

1. Accept The Reality
Accept the fact children are born with different levels of capabilities of learning and understanding.

2. Find Out What Motivates Your Children
Your child may take extra time to learn one thing and learn another thing. It happens because of high and low levels of learning interest. Lack of interest in doing an activity can be the reason for not learning the way other children do. Find out what motivates your children to do well.

3. Appreciate Your Children's Baby Step Towards Learning
If, you find that your child is making an effort and taking a baby step towards learning. You should appreciate the step irrespective of the outcome.

4. Use Sandwich Technique
Make lighter the difficult task. You can prepare your kid for a difficult task. You can initiate with that then introduce another simple task and then again continue with the difficult one. The technique will maintain the learning spirit of your kid.

5. Don't Talk About Other Children's Capabilities
You should not compare your children's capabilities with others'. Teach each child as an individual.

6. Do Not Feel Guilty
If you find that your children are unable to learn fast, do not let your children feel guilty. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

7. Allow Leisure Activities
Allow children to do the activities that they prefer. Hobbies or leisure activities not only keep your kids relax his mind. If children do well in their preferred activities, that will reflect in other activities.

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